Autocar is the car nut’s weekly fix, delivering you a unique mix of the latest news, opinion, features, first drives of new cars and in-depth road tests – all complemented by the best photography in the business. No other magazine covers the subject you love with such enthusiasm, insight and quality every week of the year. Autocar stands for the highest quality in car journalism – and is rewarded with access to the best new cars and the biggest news stories before any of the opposition which we share with you, our readers, every week. Please Note: This price excludes VAT which will be added when you checkout.

Autocar UK – 16 April 2014
English | 108 pages | True PDF | 34.00 Mb


Women’s Fitness UK magazine is the ultimate fitness title for the modern, busy woman who wants to look and feel her best without spending hours in the gym. It is the ideal training companion for busy career women or hectic mothers juggling the work/life balance eager to incorporate some form of exercise and a healthy lifestyle into their daily schedules. Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, it features workouts, training tips, celebrity fitness secrets and nutrition advice for women who want to make the most of their limited time for exercise. Quite simply, if you’re a modern woman who cares about your figure, you can’t afford to be without it

Women’s Fitness – June 2014
English | Pages 124 | PDF | 75.9 Mb


OK! – 28 April 2014
OK! – 28 April 2014
English | PDF | 76 pages | 36.3MB


Star Trek Magazine – Spring 2014

Star Trek Magazine is an authorized periodical published bi-monthly by Titan UK in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, devoted to the Star Trek franchise. The magazine has limited distribution in Europe. In August 2006 the magazine began to be published in North America with issue 128 being issue 1 in the US version. Star Trek Magazine was the first regular magazine to be published by Titan Magazines and is its longest-running title. It was launched in March 1995 as Star Trek Monthly,

Star Trek Magazine Spring 2014
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 45.00 Mb


PC Advisor – June 2014

PC Advisor provides expert guidance in all areas of technology, whether you are buying, upgrading, downloading software, or just updating your knowledge. PC Advisor features news from the technological world, reviews of new hardware and software, and buying advice, as well as advice on how to get the best from your technology. It features how tos on subjects from networking to windows to photo software, each month.

PC Advisor June 2014
English | PDF | 148 pages | 58.7MB


VOLO Magazine – April 2014

VOLO is the perfect intersection of Art, Glamour and Sex. Blow your mind with hot pictures and videos that have been shot in the style of Hi-Fashion editorials, but provide the spice and glamour of an eye candy spread. Want to see beautiful supermodels take it to the next level, want to be informed about the edgiest and most liberated fashion shoots in the world (read nude), you have come to the right place. If it is fashionable, sexy, en-vogue and crazy enough, it’s in VOLO.

VOLO Magazine – April 2014
English | 154 pages | PDF | 65.98 MB


Esquire’s Big Black Book – Spring/Summer 2014

Esquire UK magazine is the discerning man’s lifestyle magazine. Addressing the entertainment requirements and values of the modern man with wit and sophistication, Esquire is a magazine with cut and thrust, and none of the tackiness and banality of many women’s lifestyle magazines. Esquire magazine is a complete stylish package for every man with brains, taste, and a good sense of irony.

Esquire’s Big Black Book Spring/Summer 2014
English | 152 pages | True PDF | 66.00 Mb


Women’s Health USA – May 2014

Women’s Health is the must-read magazine for women who want to live life to its fullest. Every issue of the magazine is a manual to better, healthier living in two key respects—physically and emotionally. Women’s Health magazine is your source of information on fitness, nutrition, sex and relationships, style, beauty and more. With success strategies, fitness tips and fashion and career advice, the magazine encourages readers to take charge and conquer all aspects of life. Each issue has something different to offer, such as healthy, delicious recipes and fun weekend activity ideas. Edited for a well-rounded readership, Women’s Health focuses on providing realistic goals and covering the issues most relevant to today’s modern woman.

Women’s Health USA May 2014
English | 172 pages | True PDF | 42.00 Mb


Women’s Running – May 2014

Women’s Running is the only women’s-specific running magazine. As the number of female runners exploded over the past few years, interest in women’s-specific running information also grew. Women’s Running covers all aspects of the running lifestyle. The Women’s Running mission is simple: to encourage women to train healthfully, participate in active travel, adopt healthy nutrition habits, and to nourish their minds as well as their bodies.

Women’s Running May 2014
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 32.00 Mb


Glamour USA – May 2014

No1 Women’s Magazine has the hottest celebrities, the best fashion and beauty, gripping real-life stories, in depth features, plus entertainment, health, fitness, food and travel… and much, much more. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items, bound-inserts or tipons you would find on printed newsstand copies

Glamour USA May 2014
English | 254 pages | True PDF | 67.00 Mb


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