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General Queries

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  • Therefore any attempt to suggest you downloaded content from releasethread.ws is clearly a false assumption.
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  • please direct your questions to releasethread@gmail.com

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Erika says:

    Hi I notice that you didn’t upload The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon episode with Adam sandler and Drew Barrymore . I wanted to ask you how come?
    Thank you for reading this.
    I hope you’ll fix the problem soon

  2. big_shamu says:

    That does not depend on us – It depends on the group releasing/caping the show. We are just the medium that provides you with their product. TQ

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi, I noticed that you don’t upload to Sockshare anymore – are there still technical problems with the site, or did you discontinued uploading to Sockshare? I’m asking because that was my favorite download server :-)

    Thanks for the reply!

  4. big_shamu says:

    Sockshare has disabled the uploading option on their server. You can Download but you cannot upload. You can even try yourself if you want to. there are moments in a day that it is open but it is rare and short. Sockshare has a Twitter account that you can ask and they are willing to listen to you.

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